Jakob Lorber - Earth and Moon

Uitgeverij de Ster, Breda, 1990

Chapter 6 - The magnetic fluidum (pages 317-318)

God thinks all created things and holds these thoughts within Himself.
(22) Can you imagine various well-ordered, good and therefore useful things? Yes, you can certainly, but because you yourself are finite and impossibly like Me can be infinite, that's why your thoughts, like yourself, are also subject to that finitude. But My thoughts are in one and the same moment of the greatest clarity, just as I myself am according to My devine being. If I now want My thoughts to stand, then the work has already been done, and therefore all the works you see - as well as yourselves - are neither matter nor formed chaos, nor God in matter, but they are held thoughts of Mine.
(23) Now, are not all these held thoughts from Me, in Me and with Me?
From Me, because even you cannot think of anyone other than your own; how much less than I, because apart from Me there is no second God from whom I could borrow thoughts. That these thoughts are therefore also in Me and impossible can be in someone else does not have to be proven.
That these active thoughts, although they are from and in Me, still coexist with Me, will hopefully help you to conclude from the fact that you must also say the same thing about your own thoughts, that you and your thoughts are not one and the same - for which reason then all the more My thoughts are not Myself, but only My thoughts.

The thinker thinks thoughts
(24) However, what is not Myself is beyond Myself and because it is not the same, but produced by the same, it is also next to Me to the same degree. You should not imagine this 'next to' as a tree next to another, that is not at all correct, because a tree is always only outside another.
But it is not so with the thinker and his thoughts, because the thinker is the creator of his thoughts; ie because with the possibilities that reside in him and with the corresponding perfections he creates an efficient, orderly idea and thus, as working creator with the idea coming from him, not one and the same, but they are like the producer and the produced and therefore side by side.
If you think about this, then you will easily understand this little bit of wisdom as far as this is necessary for our purpose.

Magnetism: God's will power
(25)Since we have now dealt with everything that was necessary, we can solve the problem of magnetism with one stroke! So what is magnetism? - Listen now, and be a little bit amazed!
The magnetism, or rather the magnetic fluid, is in all seriousness nothing but my own willpower which constantly stores and directs my thoughts; for he [the electromagnetic force] preserves and guides the whole creation and ensures that every visible being gets its form and its ordered mobility.
[The electromagnetic force is one of the forces of nature that causes the electrons to move around the core in the atom and that the atoms connect with others to molecules, tissues, organs and life forms.]
You yourself are, as far as your formed being [body] is concerned, subjected to him forever and if you were not, then you would be nothing, like thoughts never thought before! But in you is only then My infinite, everywhere working will, and that is more because you are my favorite thoughts. As a result, My love, which is the foundation of My life, also passes into you and forms you into independent beings who are equal to Me in so far as you accept My love with the free will given to you beforehand. Precisely because of this love of Me in you, you can get into the most perfect, most own possession of the fullest freedom.

(26) You know that the so-called magnetization requires a will and the convincing power of faith to help someone in this way. Look, because there is actually nothing else but that the magnetizer consciously or partially unconsciously connects his willpower with Mine and then lets it flow in the suffering by the activity of his sent out will. As a result, the suffering becomes purer, gradually firmer and therefore healthier [...]. Look, that's all!

Gravity: God's willpower
(27) My willpower is that great bond that binds all celestial bodies together and moves them all around and through each other. She is positive there, where she works; negative in self-immutable self-preservation, which is the eternal order itself. Like when people say: "Up to now and no further." That 'so far' is the law of eternally continuous action and 'no further' is the negative pole or conservative law of eternal order. [it is 'movement and rest', so: power] (317)

The creation: God's thoughts and will
(28) And so is My very polarized will at the same time the foundation of all things, from which they may therefore exist; whether they are large, small, solid, hard, soft, heavy, or light, yet they are nothing but My wisest thoughts and thus derive their physically visible existence from the polarization of My eternal will made known to you.

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