The multiple manifestations of the one deity

Fully seen from the point of view of the spirit.

The 'god' is the divine nature, the divine essence; the deity is all the divine and in the deity the all is one. Which distinct properties can nevertheless be distinguished in the unity of the divine being and in which form do these characteristics occur?

"Let's make men
in our image and likeness ..."
man and woman God created them.
Genesis 1:26-27

God as being the one universal spirit densified in himself
his self-image to all human spirits.
God is the fire in me, I am the shine in him,
that is why we should be very common.
The drop becomes to sea, if it has come into the sea,
so man becomes God when he is included in God.
Angelus Silezius (doctor, mystic)
Wanderer between heaven and earth

The universal spirit as being the divine spirit has a self-image of itself
densified into itself in the form of a spiritual spark, the human spirit;
and has given that self-image of himself - the human being - the disposition
to develop itself - with silent help from above - into personal independence.


1. The spiritual abilities
2. The mental states
3. The unformed original state
4. The formed states
5. The angels
6. The divine family and the cube
7. Humanity
8. Becoming aware
9. The building stuff of the material creation
10. The universal spirit sparks and quantum field theory

1. The spiritual abilities
All the divine is spirit
spirit as the powerful, conscious force of life,
which before the opened spirit's eye can be seen as:
the movement of spiritual light and warmth,
but with dissolved in it the hidden core:
the rest of spiritual darkness and coolness.
By the movement the spirit can be in a self-forming, creating state,
by resting in a receptive, formable state.
This rest and movement are fundamental, spiritual properties,
they are the feminine and masculine side of the one spirit.
In the feminin spirit, femininity has the emphasis,
masculinity in the masculine spirit.

the activity of the abilities
within the feminine spirit
With that self-forming light and self-forming warmth
and hidden inside that formable dark and formable coolness,
(within the spirit as a spherical cloud of light and warmth)
the abilities of the spirit are connected
perceiving, thinking, feeling and wanting:
perception is a state of formable light within the mind,
wherein observation images are formed as light images,
and by observing the spirit comes
in the mental state of consciousness;
thinking is self-forming light within the spirit,
whereby the mind in itself forms ideas as light images,
feeling is formable warmth within the spirit, by which
feelings like compassion, sympathy can be formed,

the activity of the abilities
within the masculine spirit
and wanting is self-forming warmth in the form of willpower,
an increased state of power within the spirit.

By means of introspection the working spirit is in itself,
by the activity of these abilities, in the form of
observations, ideas, feelings and willpower
- but also by others in their behavior outside -
directly recognizable as a reality:
as that, which works as the working spirit.

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2. The mental states: unformed and formed
Not only is everything in the one deity spirit,
but it is also 'spirit in a certain spiritual state';
these are states of the powerful, conscious force of life,
states of that light and warmth, of that darkness and coolness.

The mental state of the deity occurs in two ways:
there is an unformed primeval state, the state of the universal spirit
within which no shapes can be distinguished yet;
and there is a formed state in a new world within the universal spirit.
In that world, multiple forms are possible by densification;
these forms originated by densification of light from the universal spirit
and they always stay within that spirit
- they are inextricably linked to it by a seamless transition -
and a part of these light forms has been brought to life,
by flowing through with warmth from the universal spirit.

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3. The unformed original state
The spiritual state of the origin of the all, the limitless universal spirit,
attends itself to the opened spirit's eye
as an infinite sea of spiritual light and warmth,
with hidden within it spiritual darkness and coolness,
which extends in the eternal infinity.

The universal spirit is God as the spiritual fathermother of the all,
by the activity of the spiritual abilities
in the most exalted state: the unformed original state.
From that unformed primeval state, God is a father-mother by thinking
all created forms as light forms, within themselves as the universal spirit
and part of those forms are flown through with warmth by feeling
and so - within the universal spirit - brought to independent life.

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4. The formed states

the form in which the properties
of the spiritual abilities
are expressed: the human figure
The spiritual state of the center of the universal spirit,
the center of infinity - which is therefore everywhere -
is expressed in God's holy spirit,
the universal spirit in a formed state,
who is self-begotten and born out of One, the all-spirit,
- thereby 'monogenes' means: originated from one, the universal spirit - by self-begetting born of itself as the universal spirit.

God's holy spirit is God in the form of the son-doughter
whom the universal spirit as father-mother by densification
let emerge - from and into itself - as the first borne one.

The center of the universal spirit is born
in the form of an 'all-spirit spark' by densifying itself,
by densifying of the self-image of the universal spirit.
Because of this densification, the universal spirit is in the holy spirit
and the holy spirit in the universal spirit.
They are the unformed and formed state of God in one
and are interconnected by their mutual interaction.

God as father and mother,
as two twin spirits
In this spiritual state the deity appears in a certain form,
the spiritual figure and the form of the spiritual figure is a representation
of the state of development of the spiritual abilities.

The activities of these abilities express themselves
in the form of the spiritual figure, the divine light figure,
in which - in the spiritual world - the holy spirit and God's angels appear to man.
The state of development of the abilities in man
is expressed in the qualities of that form,
in the properties of the human figure ...
and that figure is an angelic form in disposition.

God's holy spirit, God himself in the form of the sondaughter,
self-begotten and born by densification of itself as the fathermother,
they have merged in love into a unified twin spirit,
the divine marriage,
acting as one being, as one person.

"Love recreates the primal image, it seeks two beings
to merge into one unit,
she wants to cure the human nature ... "
Plato, Greek philosopher (427 - 347 B.C.)

The masculine spirit of this unit forms the outside,
the feminine spirit is the invisible core in the heart
but together fully present in their joint statements and actions.
Among other things due to the clairvoyance observation of
only the male outside of the united twin spirit
the misconception arose that God would be only a father.

the father outside and
the mother inside
as one united twin spirit

This united twin spirit, as one, holy spirit,
has personally been to mankind in man Jesus,
has lived and suffered with man on earth and became
therefore God himself as a brothersister of man
and thereby making man a brother and sister of God.
By the male side of God's holy spirit
now the male human spirit on earth can know
to be a son of God in disposition;
by the feminine side of God's holy spirit
now the feminine human spirit on earth can know
to be a daughter of God in disposition.

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5. The angels
The spiritual state of God's knowledge, thoughts, feelings and will,
that are present in the infinite space of the universal spirit, they are
begotten and born by the working of God's spiritual abilities
- perceiving, thinking, feeling and wanting in the universal spirit -
and are each active as an independence in the universal spirit
and are expressed in God's angels.

God's knowledge, thoughts, feelings and will, they are visible
in their own spiritual figure, in which they lovingly guide
humanity on earth - from their spiritual world - on their path
of spiritual development ... in order to develop themselves too.

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the divine family:
independency and
6. The divine family and the cube
The small cube (1) is the father (the ground planes are not drawn),
cube 2 is the mother, cube 3 the son and cube 4 the daughter ...
the first pair has multiplied itself and is expressed in the second pair:
the most balanced family.
Together they form a circle (1,2,3,4) with in it a cross (1-3, 2-4),
they stand side by side and are uniform to each other -
they form a close unity. They are rooted in the same soil - the universal spirit -
with which they seamlessly are connected.
They are conformed to the whole, the four smaller ones in one large cube
(a fractal self-uniformity), which are all connected in the center (the 9) ...
the unity of the one spirit has developed into the divine family (the 9).
This is the geometric representation of the divine family ... a pair of twin spirits:
father and mother, son (brother) and daughter (sister)!

wind rose
four abilities
four animals (Ezechiel)
Together with the 4 points at the base (5,6,7,8) there are 9 points.
The 9 in the middle represents according to Pythagoras: the divine whole.

These relationships in the divine family are formulated by Jesus during the Last Supper,
where the big cube represents the Father (the universal spirit), the small cube Jesus and man:
I (Jesus as being the holy spirit) am in the Father (the universal spirit) and the Father is in me. (John 14:11)
Father, let them be one like us, the Father in me, I in the Father and they in us. (John 17:21)
That they may be one as we are one. (John 17:22)

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7. Humanity

father, mother and
man as child of God
The spiritual state of humanity as God's own universal spirit sparks,
being begotten in the universal spirit and born as Gods god children in disposition
densified by father and mother's own light and warmth,
they are the human spirits who develop themselves to perfection.
Because of their spiritual growth, God, being the universal spirit,
created within himself the physical world,
in which they seem to be left alone to themselves,
living in matter, the lifeless opposite of themselves as being the living spirit
(because dust is only densified light, without the life giving flow of warmth),
making the spirit unconscious of its own independence
and of its spiritual origin, God.
Because of their apparent freedom, they can finally explore by their own free choice
the essence of themselves and their source, in order to perfect themselves;
because only by his own activityman can acquire something for his own
thereby developing his divine disposition
and become independent as God's child of god.

By living life here, they started by themselves their own way
to spiritual maturity - apparently without help or reward -
by means of their own abilities, their own light and warmth,
to learn to use them consciously and in a controlled way by processing life events
and to convert them to the conscience and the virtues.
The state of development of these abilities has become visible
in the spiritual figure in the spiritual world, the vehicle for that world,
and has become visible on earth in the body, the material form of life,
the vehicle for this temporary, material world.

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8. Becoming aware takes place by distinguishing between counterparts.
The universal spirit is eternal and omnipresent, and is therefore one.
There was no point in the universal spirit with which it could compare itself:
and thus the universal spirit had no opposite,
by which it could become aware of itself.
The universal spirit is itself a spirit, which however can
express itself by means of densification in several forms,
as in the angels, in the human spirit, in the animal spirit and the spirit of plants,
the spirit of minerals and the spirit of elementary particles.

The human spirit is a spherical cloud of light and warmth,
is thought by the universal spirit by densification in itself an image of itself
and is awakened to independent life by flowing through with God's love.
The universal spirit has expressed itself in that spiritual spark, the human spirit,
in order, after that spirit has become aware by self-chosen spiritual development
- here seemingly guided by its own power, but at the same time unnoticed by angels -
has become aware of itself as being a spirit
and has become aware of that universal spirit spark,
and from that point to become aware of itself as part of the universal spirit!

Just as a plant expresses itself in the formed seed in disposition,
and from that seed a new plant can form itself
- accompanied by solar warmth and light, earth, moisture and air -
this is how the human spirit in the spiritual school of the earth
can grow into divine maturity.

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9. The building stuff of the material creation
The physical world is one of the many worlds that exist in the universal spirit.
The building stuff of this world is also formed with God's light and warmth,
but they remained separate from each other, so that the building stuff itself is lifeless.

The universal spirit formed the human spirits by thinking,
by densifying spiritual light into spherical clouds
and to bring those thoughts to life in himself,
by lovingly flowing them through with spiritual warmth.
However, in the formation of material particles
indeed, the universal spirit densified the light within himself to spherical clouds,
which are the building blocks of the universe (the fermions),
but did not let warmth flow through them.
God also densified warmth into particles:
the force particles of the universe (the bosons).
Because they exhibit an interaction,
a tissue of particles and forces is formed: the physical substance,
with which God shaped his divine thoughts in the physical creation.
Because these light and warmth particles remained separated,
they form the lifeless building stuff of the universe.

The elementary particles are only thoughts and powers of God, but the human spirit is a divine thought brought to life by God.

To give the human spirits as the living particles of himself
the opportunity to acquire an independent life
in the material creation as being a school,
the universal spirit placed a light and a warmth particle of itself
in the space of the world of the human spirit: the later universe.
Like a seed - in the course of years -
multiplies itself into an infinite number of seeds,
arose by the same multiplication
from the original simplicity of those 'seed sparks'
the different types and infinite number of particles,
needed to form the here visible universe.
These particles do not form a unit of light and warmth,
and thus they form the inanimate matter,
which is the building stuff for God's physical creation.

Because the living spirit lives in this world in its opposite,
the inanimate matter
, the spirit here has become unaware of itself
and thus the spirit is here in the opportunity to stand under its own power
to become aware of himself, by learning to distinguish himself
of its opposite, the lifeless substance of the body,
- originated from this lifeless universe - guided by God's angels
and by friends and girlfriends who stayed at home.
By their imperceptible help, self-awareness can become his property
and help him his own divinity, to man given in disposition,
to be realized by man himself.

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10. The universal spirit sparks and quantum field theory
The divine spirit formed - in the space of the eternal infinity of itself -
all human spirits by flowing through dot-shaped densities of the light with warmth
and to bring them to life by doing so.
Due to the state of densification of light and warmth in the universal spirit,
there is no boundary between the human spirit and the universal spirit,
but there is a gradual transition of light and warmth,
whereby the human spirit stays seamlessly connected to the universal spirit
and therefore also with all other spirits.

1. Correspondence with the microcosm
This spiritual condition is also expressed in the physical condition;
because according to the quantum field theory
all particles that form together the material creation
are densifications from the 'force field' that belongs to every kind of particle.
All particles remain entangled with the force field from which they originated
and as a result all particles remain entangled with each other.
With this the phenomenon of 'wave particle duality' is related:
depending on the circumstances - what one continues to call still a 'particle' -
behaves itself one time as a particle and the other time as a wave phenomenon.

This situation corresponds to the topic that Jesus
discusses with his disciples during the Last Supper.
The core of Jesus' doctrine is the loving communion that exists
eternally between Jesus and God,
and the same connection that still needs to be realized in men,
so that the loving bond between God and Jesus
will come alife and can also be found in men.
For 'the Father' the state of the universal spirit can be read: "... which is more than I am!" (John 14:28)

John 13:34 A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.
13:35 By this all will know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.
14:10 Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in me?
14:11 Believe me that I am in the Father and the Father is in me ...
14:20 At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you 15:3 ... remain in Me, as I am in you.
15:5 He that abideth in me, as I in him, is bearing much fruit, for without me you can do nothing.

16:32 [...] And yet I am not alone, for the Father is with Me.
17:21 ... that they may all be one, as you, Father, art in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us; that the world may believe that You have sent Me.
17:22 And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them, that they may be one as we are one.

2. Correspondence with the macrocosm
This state also corresponds to the formation of the visible universe. In the beginning of the universe, after the so-called 'big bang', there was only a huge space filled first with radiation and then with radiation and hydrogen gas (and helium). By turmoil in that gas, caused by God's hand, accumulations of hydrogen gas arose, which slowly grew into the stars in the sky.
The space of the universe, filled with hydrogen gas, corresponds to the representation of a 'field' in field theory; the particles as densifications of the lines of force in such a field correspond to the stars as the celestial bodies in the space of universe.

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